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KASS Mid-level Water Intake

KASS Mid-level Water Intake

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The KASS Mid-level Water Intake is designed to:

  • Give you more water flow for your Koi pond or water feature.
  • Boost the filtration of your Koi pond or water feature.


More water flow

Adding a KASS will allow you to boost your flow rates of your pond system without having to add another bottom drain or skimmer.  The KASS is installed in the middle third of your pond walls.


Filter Connections

The KASS can be connected to vortex chambers, RDF filters, Cetus Sieves or directly into your pump (we still reccomend using a strainer basket in front of your pump).



  • Low visibility
  • Removes dirt and small debris
  • Sealing plate has a 2" width for easy watertight fastening
  • Made of heavy duty PVC-80 material.
  • One year warranty for manufacturing defects


Technical Info

  • Pipe Size: 4"
  • Maximum Width: 13.5"
  • Maximum Height (without cover): 8.75"
  • Flange Width: 2"
  • Weight: 8 lbs


Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are included with each unit. If you need another copy, please contact support.



Compatible with EPDM Rubber Liner and Polyurea Spray Liner

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