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In order for a pond to sustain Koi fish, a filter system is needed. Koi produce waste, which needs to be removed from the pond in order to maintain a clean environment for the fish.  Our filter kits can handle ponds that hold 800 to 8,000 gallons of water.  The kits can be installed on new pond constructions or on existing ponds that need filtration. All kits include free shipping, detailed installation instructions and expert support.


  • Simplifies pond maintenance
  • Waste is captured and removed from pond, improving fish health and growth rates
  • Filter backwashes to eject waste, no more mess
  • Removes green-water algae for crystal clear pond water
  • Instant energy savings, Sequence pumps use up to 60% less electricity than submersible pumps


Every Koi Pond Filter Kit Includes

  • A Sequence Pump and strainer basket
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II bead filter
  • Emperor Aquatics UV sterilizer
  • Fittings for easy component connection
  • Two ball valves for water flow control
  • A 1' long piece of clear PVC pipe for easy backwashing
  • Detailed Installation Instructions
  • Free over the phone installation assistance


Installation requirements

  • Power supply - UV sterilizer and pump need electricity
  • A sturdy, level surface to place filtration equipment on
  • Basic knowledge of PVC plumbing and Koi pond filter operation


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Filter Kits

Each kit is shipped on a pallet via freight.  Larger kits can be taken apart on the pallet in the truck for easy delivery.  Click on one of the kits below for more information.

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