Collection: Clarity Protein Skimmers

Function: To remove Dissolved Organic Compounds to make your water cleaner for your Koi.

Clarity™ is a unique Protein Skimmer/Foam Fractionator with distinct benefits:


Why a Protein Skimmer / Foam Fractionator?

Water in confined areas (e.g. fish tank, pond or lake) has a certain level of organic waste and nutrients which affect the quality of the water. The organic compounds cannot be seen directly; however, once the level is high enough, the effects can be seen in the water. Some of these effects are:


  • Increased algae and plant growth
  • Decreased clarity
  • Poorer fish health
  • Decolorization
  • Unpleasant smell and taste


Many devices and procedures exist to remove some of these effects (e.g. mechanical, chemical or biological filters, or simply exchange of water), but Protein Skimmers or Foam Fractionators remain the preferred choice for removing the organic waste from water.


The organic waste (also referred to as Dissolved Organic Compounds = DOC) results from decomposed plant matter, fertilizers, fish fodder and excretions from farmed fish, which have been broken down and dissolved in water.


High levels of DOC are undesirable in the water because it leads to:

  • Less oxygen
  • More bacteria, algae and parasites
  • Build up of toxic substances for the fish


Altogether, this results in unhealthy conditions for the fish, affecting both health and growth conditions of the fish.


Protein Skimmers, also called Foam Fractionators, work on the principle that most DOC and nutrients in the water have bipolar properties, meaning that one part of the compound prefers air and the other part prefers water. This means these compounds are attracted to air bubbles in the water. When sufficient DOC has bound to the air bubble, stable foam is created and collected. The smaller the air bubbles, the larger surface area and more effective the Protein Skimmer or Foam Fractionator.





Clarity Filter Gallery

Spray Bar
The spray bar dissipates the flow
of water
Foam is collected after the
water is agitated.
Pure water is returned to the
pond after the foam is removed.
Clarity Filter
The complete Clarity Filter unit.

Flow Meter
A flow meter can be added to
determine the correct flow rate.



Principle of Foam Formation:




How it works

Clarity™ consists of one integrated unit that performs several distinct functions:

  1. Breakdown of complex organic matter to simpler, less toxic forms (ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate)
  2. Aeration of water, restoring the right balance of O2, CO2 and N2 in the water
  3. Formation of foam containing organic compounds (DOC)
  4. Collects foam in the patented foam collection unit

Functions 1 – 3 occur in the trickle tower column, and function 4 is carried out in the patented foam collection unit.

Together, these functions result in a highly effective system for removal of organic waste and result in high-purity water conditions.



Clarity™ has been tested and found to be highly effective in removing organic waste in both fresh and salt-water, and in actual practical situations:

Efficient removal of nitrate from fresh and salt-water

The test was performed in 600 L reservoirs by adding nutrients at different salinity and measuring the nitrate level in the water after 2 hours treatment with Clarity.

Removal of nitrogen, nitrate and nitrite from a fish pond

Treatment with Clarity™ gave approximately 40% reduction in total nitrogen, nitrite and nitrate in a 30 000L fish pond after just 9 days with recirculation every 5 hours.

Please note that the water source contained approximately 67kg live fish which were being fed 0.8kg fodder daily throughout the test.



Technical Information

Clarity™ has been developed in different sizes in order to accommodate the different needs of the user. For more information about each product, please contact us or you nearest distributor.

Item no.

Capacity (L/hour)

Recommended system volume (L)

Dimensions (H/D/W) cm

Connecting tube diameter (mm)

Clarity 3


3,000 - 10,000



Clarity 10


10,000 - 30,000



Clarity 25


25,000 - 75,000



Clarity 50


50,000 - 150,000



For best performance we recommend a high quality pump with sufficient strength to lift the required amount of water at least to the top of the skimmer, including the height from the water level to where the skimmer is fitted.

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