Koi Pond Construction



Why Koi Acres


We're not like other pond builders.


  • Knowledge - Keeping pristine water quality in heavily stocked Koi tanks at our facility.
  • Experience - Koi pond design and construction of systems up to 90,000 gallons.
  • Support - Hands on equipment experience. Equipment used on installations is the same as at our facility.



Pond Design Philosophy



Healthy Environment

We believe that fish waste and Ammonia should be filtered from the pond water as soon as possible. We aim for a one hour turnover rate on our systems.


Low Maintenance

Your time should be spent enjoying your Koi fish, and not cleaning out sludgy filters or lava rock. Our filter equipment does the work for you and cleaning can be as easy as turning a lever.


Energy Efficiency

We use external pumps that are up to 30% more energy efficient than comparable submersibles.




The filtration equipment provides life support for your Koi collection. The filter equipment we use for Koi pond installations is the same equipment that is used on the farm to maintain water quality in our heavily stocked tanks and ponds.


No Rock

Rock and pea gravel trap fish waste, leaves and debris at the bottom of the pond. Some of it is partially decomposed by anaerobic bacteria. Cleaning out the rest of the sludge can end up being a maintenance nightmare.


Optimized Plumbing

Each bend in the piping slows the flow rate of the system. Our systems are designed to have the least amount of turns or bends, so you get more filtration per watt.



Filter Systems


We install or retrofit filter systems of all sizes. Our systems range from simple pump-fed filters up to full gravity systems that incorporate advanced mechanical pre-filtertration, pressurized biological filters and ultraviolet sterilizers. Filter systems can be installed on a concrete or have their own dedicated building (or bunker if you prefer it to be hidden).




No Chemicals


No chemicals or additives are needed to maintain pond homeostasis with a Koi Acres filter system.




Pond Component Options


The following options are available for the Koi Acres pond setup:


Infrastructure - Pond Shell

  • Wood Frame (indoor systems)
  • Poly Tanks
  • Block Walls
  • ICF's - Insulated Concrete Walls
  • Shaped Earth with Underlayment



  • Fiberglass
  • 45 Mil EPDM Liner
  • Welded Box Liners


Mechanical Debris Removal

  • Savio Surface Skimmer
  • KASS Aerated Bottom Drain
  • KASS Mid-level Water Intake


Filtration Equipment


Mechanical Pre-Filters

  • Rotary Drum Filter (RDF) - Profidrum & Hydrotech
  • Vortex Chamber
  • Cetus Seive


Biological Filters

  • Ultima II Bead Filter
  • KASS Moving Bed Bio-Reactors
  • Nexus EAZY Filter
  • Nexus 210 & 310 Filter
  • Sequence External Pump
  • KASS Bakki Shower - Stainless Steel


UV Sterilizers

  • Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizer


External Pumps

  • Sequence
  • Flow Friend variable speed DC motor


Heating System

  • Koi Pond Heater with stainless steel heat exchangers



  • Remote Monitoring
  • Levolor electronic water leveler
  • Koi pond camera system



For more information, call 1-855-564-7467.