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KASS Koi Pond Bottom Drain

KASS Koi Pond Bottom Drain

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The KASS Koi Pond Bottom Drain is designed to remove fish waste and debris from your pond. It incorporates an air diffuser on top of the cover to aerate the pond and to produce a current that helps push the debris into the bottom drain.

A KASS Koi Pond Bottom Drain is a must-have for any serious koi enthusiast. Not only does it help to improve water quality by removing debris and waste, but it also ensures that the pond remains cleaner and healthier for your fish. With a bottom drain, you'll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your beautiful Koi. Additionally, a bottom drain can help to prevent Koi losses by reducing the risk of stagnant water and improving the overall water circulation. Overall, investing in a KASS Koi Bottom Drain is a smart decision for any koi owner looking to improve the environment and beauty of their pond.

KASS Koi Pond Bottom Drain





  • Airline emerges through the side of the KASS, not the bottom, for easy connection.
  • The bottom of the KASS is flat, for easy leveling during install.
  • Made of heavy duty PVC-80 material.
  • One year warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Sloped interior bottom to guide waste into the pipe and keep it from getting caught on the airline assembly.
  • Sealing ring has a 1.5" width for easy watertight fastening.
  • Wiffly Webber all rubber low profile air diffuser


How it works


A bottom drain is needed for any water feature that will have fish in it.  The KASS is connected to the filter system, either to a pump, vortex chamber or sieve and is the first step in the mechanical filtration process.  Water is drawn into the bottom drain from a 360 degree radius.  The KASS will remove any waste in the pond in a quick and efficient manner.


The KASS Koi pond bottom drain will remove:

  • Fish Waste
  • Uneaten Fish Food
  • Leaves
  • Dirt
  • Small Debris



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Technical Info

  • Max Flow Rate: 3,800 GPH
  • Effective Pond Floor Coverage Radius: 6~7 feet
  • Recommended Air Diffuser Airflow: 40 Liters per Minute
  • Pipe Size: 4"
  • Air Line Connection: 1.5"
  • Air Diffuser Diameter: 10"
  • Maximum Width: 15.5"
  • Maximum Height (without cover): 11.5"
  • Flange Width: 2"
  • Weight: 17 lbs



Installation Instructions

  • Installation instructions are included with each unit. If you need another copy, please contact support.



    Compatible with Polyurea spray Liner and EPDM rubber liner

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