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FlowFriend Standard

FlowFriend Standard

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The FlowFriend Standard has a mixed-flow type pump housing. The hydraulic wet end has been designed so that more pressure is produced than an axial (propeller) pump. As a result, the FlowFriend Standard uses significantly less energy in comparison to pumps of similar capacity.


The FlowFriend Standard is the optimal choice for filtration applications with higher back pressure caused by long pipe runs, pipe bends and water lift heights. The optimal application for the FlowFriend Standard is pumping water between three and fifteen feet in lift height. The wet end housing features a 3” threaded male adapter on both the input and output.


Motor and Seal


The FlowFriend features a high quality Eagle Burgmann shaft seal. The motor has been designed in-house and is manufactured by one of Germany’s largest and most important producers of electrical motors. The motor’s efficiency, depending on the RPMs, is between 88% and 94%.




The pump’s performance can best be shown by means of pump graphs and specifications. The pump was tested at a testing facility that is compliant with the NEN-EN-ISO 9906 standard. The pump meets the European Directive 2009/125/EC (eco-design requirements for water pumps).


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