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My valve is leaking from the waste port.

  • Handle was moved while pump was on
  • Debris lodged under spider gasket. (i.e. rocks, sand, ect.)

See how to clean valve section

The flow out of the filter is considerably slower, and I have to backwash more frequently.

  • Pump sized incorrectly
  • Pump is malfunctioning
  • Filter basket is clogged with large debris
  • Check pumps flow charts, make sure flow over 10ft of head, can turn over pond in at least 1 1/2 hours
  • Check pump for any malfunctions
  • Check filter basket for large leaves, plant material, ect.

My water is murky/brown

  • Improper water circulation
  • Pump is malfunctioning
  • Check pump for malfunctions
  • Check circulation, see pond layouts
  • Quartz sleeve in UV may need cleaning
  • UV lamp may need replacing (check manufacture's suggestion)
  • A UV unit may be necessary to achieve proper clarity

My valve handle is difficult to turn

  • Handle was moved while pump was on.
  • Debris may be lodged in top valve assembly

My water is still green

  • No filter installed
  • A UV system is needed

If you have a UV, you may need to:

  • Replace UV Lamp
  • Clean Quartz Sleeve
  • If you do not have a UV, we recommend purchasing one
  • Clean quartz sleeve per manufacture's suggestion
  • Check lamp life and replace if necessary

My valve is cracked at the ports

  • A sealant instead of Teflon tape was used
  • Over-Tightend
  • Please call customer service at (800) 454-2725 for new valve purchase

My filter leaks from the clamp

  • The valve is not seated correctly
  • The O-ring is pinched
  • The clamp is not tight enough
  • Re-seat the valve
  • Check O-ring
  • Check Clamp

My gauge doesn't register any pressure

  • The filter is new
  • The pump is not sized correctly
  • Wait for filter to establish
  • Buy a larger pump
  • Depending on pump, gauge may never register any pressure, Gauge should be used as indicator only

There are small particles in the pond

  • Circulation is bad
  • Pump picking up from skimmer
  • Make sure you are picking up and returning to opposite sides of the pond
  • Pick up water from bottom of pond

Media is coming out of my waste port

  • The internal parts may be damaged
  • Media may be lodged in standpipe
  • Open filter and check for holes in laterals and basket
  • Please call customer service for further assistance 1-800-454-2725

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