Tricide-Neo FAQ

Q: "Is Tricide-Neo® safe for me and my pets [dogs, cats] to be around?"

A: The label indicates that Tricide-Neo® should be stored in a covered container that prevents pet or children access. If a pet consumed enough product, they would probably develop diarrhea as a result of GI sterilization. However, we have seen our barn cat routinely drink the water with no outward effects.

Q: "Can Tricide-Neo® harm or alter my bio-filter?"

A: ABSOLUTELY! We strongly recommend that fish that are being treated be maintained in an easy to monitor treatment tank. Tricide-Neo® is an extremely effective broad spectrum antimicrobial, even in very low concentrations and residual Tricide-Neo® can destroy a biofilter.

Q: "What is the VERY best way to deploy [use] Tricide-Neo®?"

A: We have found it most useful reduce the quantity of product needed by placing fish in small containers with just enough Tricide-Neo® to cover the fish (plastic bags with aeration works well) and then discard the small amount of Tricide-Neo® and use fresh each time.

Q: "It was recommended that I make up a solution and use it over and over for a week, in sequential baths. Is this okay?"

A: Multiple dipping in the same container does work but is subject to more common mistakes (RE: Transfer of non-bacterial pathogens from fish to fish, using the same container for to many fish, etc). TIP: For fish from mud-bottom or particularly dirty ponds, presoaking in several different containers of dilute saline (0.1%) will remove much of the debris that would otherwise foul the Tricide-Neo® bathe.

Q: "Is Tricide-Neo® safe with Orfe, Tench or Rudd?"

A: We have not tried Tricide-Neo® on Orfe, Tench nor Rudd. The only fish that we have identified to this point as being exceptionally sensitive to Tricide-Neo® are Discus (Symphysodon discus).

Q: "How long is the shelf life of Tricide-Neo®?"

A: Prior to reconstitution, Tricide-Neo® is stable for at least 18 months, or for the shelf life listed on the package, which is dictated by the shelf life of the components when mixed.



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