Koi Pond Filter Kits FAQ

Do I need a valve between my pump and the pond to keep water from flowing through the pump tubing if I take the pump out for maintenance or the winter? I have a check valve but I think that just keeps the water from the filter out of the pond.
There should be a valve between the pump strainer basket and the pond so you can stop the water from flowing if you need to work on or clean the pump.

Do I need a strainer or mesh to cover my 2 inch pond tubing in the pond besides the pump strainer basket I got from you? I want to keep fish or frogs from being sucked up into the pump basket.
A strainer fitting on the input from the pond will prevent fish and frogs from entering the pump basket, but it will also prevent leaves and other debris from entering it as well.  I would just use the strainer fitting until your Koi learn not to swim near the pump intake.