Ultima II Valve Settings

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The Ultima II valve. Click on the image to make it larger.




Used for normal operation.  Water flows through the filter media and waste is captured.


Drains the pond down without either backwashing or flowing water through the media.  Useful for winterizing the filter.


Leaves all the ports open.  This setting is used whenever the filter is shut down for extended periods of time.


Closes all the ports.  When working on the filter system, set the filter to closed to prevent water from siphoning out of the pond and to keep it from pouring out of the area you are working on


Agitates the filter media to remove the trapped waste. 


Bypasses the filter but allows water to recirculate.  This setting is used when a Koi disease treatment that is harmful to the filter bacteria is added to the pond,.


Resets the filter media and removes any residual waste that is left over after backwashing.