My UV lamp doesn't turn on when I plug in the unit?

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The following instructions are for the Emperor 25W, 40W and 80W HO UV sterlizers.


Never plug in or view a UV lamp that is outside of the unit.  Damage to your eyes and skin will occur.  The UV unit has a viewing window that filters out UV light.  Use that for troubleshooting the UV light.

Check to see if your GFI or your breaker is tripped.  If the electrical supply is functioning correctly, make sure the unit is unplugged and remove the lamp and inspect it for any damage.  Do not touch any glass parts of the lamp, the oils that are on your skin will leave a residue that will create hotspots on the lamp and will shorten the lamp life.  If you accidentally touch the lamp, use alcohol to clean off any oils or fingerprints.  Reinstall the lamp and try plugging in the unit again.

If the UV light still won't turn on, the power supply could have gone bad.  Do not open the power supply.  To order a new power supply, email