KoiMaster Moving Bed Filter Media FAQ

  1. What is moving bed filter media? Moving bed filter media is a type of filtration system used in aquariums and koi ponds. It consists of small, neutrally buoyant plastic filter media pieces that continuously move within the filter, creating a dynamic and highly efficient filtration process.
  2. How does moving bed filter media work? KoiMaster Moving Bed Filter media works through a process called biofiltration. Beneficial bacteria colonize the surface of the media pieces and break down harmful ammonia and nitrite in the water into less toxic nitrate. The media's constant motion ensures a steady supply of oxygen to the bacteria, making the filtration process more effective.
  3. What are the benefits of using moving bed filter media? Moving bed filter media offers several advantages, including enhanced biological filtration, increased surface area for beneficial bacteria growth, improved water quality, reduced maintenance requirements, and overall better aquarium or koi pond system health.
  4. How do I install moving bed filter media in my aquarium or filter system? To install moving bed filter media, follow these steps: a. Rinse the media with dechlorinated water to remove any dust or debris. b. Place the media in a filter compartment, ensuring proper water flow and media movement. c. Do not overfill the compartment to allow enough space for media motion. d. Turn on the filter and let the media tumble and start the biological filtration process. e. Keep track of your water quality parameters while the nitrifying bacteria is colonizing the moving bed media.
  5. How often should I replace moving bed filter media? Moving bed filter media is designed to be durable and long-lasting. It does not need frequent replacement, unlike mechanical filter pads. However, it is essential to monitor its condition regularly. If the media pieces become damaged or heavily clogged with debris, you may consider replacing a portion of it while keeping some established media to maintain the biological filtration.
  6. Can I use moving bed filter media in any type of aquarium filter? Moving bed filter media can be used in various types of filters, including canister filters, fluidized bed filters, and some sump systems. However, it's essential to ensure that the filter's design allows for adequate media movement and water flow to optimize its effectiveness, while keeping the media in the filter chamber.
  7. How do I clean moving bed filter media? KoiMaster Moving Bed Filter Media is designed to be low maintenance and self cleaning. However, if you do run into a scenario where the media becomes clogged or dirty, use the following tips to clean the media: a. The beneficial bacteria on the media are essential for filtration, so avoid cleaning the media under tap water or using any chemicals. b. Instead, gently rinse the media in a bucket of aquarium or pond water during routine maintenance to remove excess debris. c. Avoid disturbing the media too much to preserve the established bacterial colonies.
  8. Can moving bed filter media be used in saltwater aquariums? Yes, moving bed filter media can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It provides excellent biological filtration in various aquatic environments.
  9. Is it normal for moving bed filter media to make noise? Yes, it is normal for moving bed filter media to create a slight noise due to the constant motion of the media pieces. The noise level is typically low and shouldn't be a cause for concern.
  10. Does moving bed filter media remove other impurities like chemicals and medications? Moving bed filter media primarily focuses on biological filtration, removing ammonia and nitrites. To address chemical impurities or the effects of medications, consider using additional filtration methods, such as activated carbon or specialized chemical filter media.


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