How to Backwash the Ultima II Filter

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Backwashing cleans the captured waste out of the filter.  Backwashing on a regular basis will keep the filter from clogging up and will prevent the flow of water through the filter from channeling.  Keeping your filter clean is essential to maintaining an optimal flow rate for your pond system.

The Ultima II Filter uses a pump to power the backwash.

  1. Turn off your pump
  2. Turn the valve to backwash
  3. Turn your pump back on
  4. Watch the water coming out of the discharge pipe, it will be murky/dark.
  5. When the water runs clear, turn your pump off
  6. Turn the valve to rinse
  7. Turn your pump back on
  8. Watch for the water to run clear
  9. Turn your pump off
  10. Turn the valve back to filter
  11. Turn your pump back on

Filter cleaning frequency depends on: feeding, fish load, water temperature, and pre-filtration.  Use these factors to ascertain how often the filter needs to be cleaned.