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Tricide-Neo® is indicated for bacterial infections in ornamental fish. If your fish has:

  • Body sores
  • Fin rot
  • Mouth rot
  • Pink skin
  • Red bruises

Ulcer Disease is a common bacterial disease of Koi and Goldfish, most often encountered in the Springtime. The reason the disease occurs so commonly in the Springtime is because the fish have just emerged from a long, cold winter during which time their immune system was non-functional. Parasites and bacterial pathogens all gain the "upper-hand" on these vulnerable fish. Tricide-Neo® literally punches holes into bacteria, allowing antibiotics to enter and help destroy drug-resistant strains of bacteria.


Tricide-Neo Ordering:


Free shipping usually takes 4 to 7 business days for delivery.

If you need your Tricide-Neo faster, order a quicker delivery option:

  • Priority Mail (2 to 3 business days)
  • Express Mail (1 to 2 business days)

Express Mail orders of Tricide-Neo must be made by 10:00 A.M. CST in order to ship out the same day.

Tricide-Neo is perfect for Koi that are too small to use injectable antibiotics!

More Information on Tricide-Neo:

Tricide-Neo Tricide-Neo

Figure 1. Koi with ulcer infected with multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria before and 15 days after 5 to 10 minute dips in Tricide-Neo® on days 1, 2 and 4.

Tricide-Neo Tricide-Neo

Figure 2. Pseudomonas sp. (a common bacteria in fish ulcers) before and after exposure to Tricide-Neo.


Tricide-Neo 1 Gallon Packet

Tricide-Neo 5 Gallon Packet



Have any Questions about Tricide-Neo?

Be sure to check out the Tricide-Neo FAQ page.

Here's a few examples you'll find there:

"Can Tricide-Neo® harm or alter my bio-filter?"

"What is the VERY best way to deploy [use] Tricide-Neo®?"

"Is Tricide-Neo® safe for me and my pets [dogs, cats] to be around?"

If you have any unanswered questions about Tricide-Neo, feel free to call or email us.


Tricide-Neo works great on antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

Tricide-Neo can be used as a spray, so you are able to conserve and not waste excess Tricide-Neo!

Do you have a Koi with an ulcer?
Afraid to inject your Koi?
Need an alternative?
Tricide-Neo is the solution to your problem!


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