Proper Use of Tricide-Neo

  1. Read entire label before mixing.
  2. Tricide-Neo® is supplied in foil-lined envelopes containing premeasured quantity of Tricide-Neo®.
  3. Add contents of one package to a gallon of DISTILLED water.
  4. If you have the 5-gallon package you will need five gallons of distilled water.
  5. If you do not use distilled water, Tricide-Neo® may be inactivated by various chemicals in tap water.
  6. For easiest use, fish to be treated should be maintained in a filtered hospital tank of suitable size. (One gallon per inch of fish) Fish will be removed from this vat for dip-treatment in your Tricide-Neo solution.
  7. You should wear appropriate eye protection while using Tricide-Neo®. Rubber gloves are also recommended. Protective clothing is recommended.
  8. Equilibrate temperatures between the holding vat and the Tricide-Neo® dip-solution you have mixed up.
  9. Aerate the Tricide-Neo® dip-solution very well.
  10. Place affected fish in this dip solution for no more than ten minutes. (Five minutes has worked well in tests and field trials and is less stressful to the fish.)
  11. Cover the dipping container to avoid "jumping" and resultant injury.
  12. If the fish show ANY signs of distress in the Tricide-Neo® dipping solution, remove them to their holding vat at once!
  13. Repeat this dipping in Tricide-Neo® every day or every other day for AT LEAST THREE treatments or as directed by your veterinarian.
  14. If Koi to be treated have been in cold water, slowly warm water to the mid to low seventies (degrees Fahrenheit) and maintain fish in dilute saline solution (0.3% salt) between dips in Tricide-Neo®.
  15. Store reconstituted Tricide-Neo® in a covered, child-and-animal-proof container in a cool, dark location. Discard reconstituted Tricide-Neo® after one week.
  16. NEVER use older reconstituted Tricide-Neo® if it is not well aerated, if the solutions' pH has not been immediately checked, or if the Tricide-Neo® is fouled with fish bodily excretions!!!
  17. Residual Tricide-Neo® will kill the beneficial nitrogen reducing bacteria in a biological filter and water quality must be monitored at least 2 times per day during and for several days after treatment. It is best to maintain fish that are being treated in an isolation tank where they are not exposed to other fish in a pond.

Tricide-Neo® should be stored in a cool, dry location, away from children. (59-86 degrees Fahrenheit)

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