Tricide-Neo Disclaimer

  • Use of all therapeutic agents should be directed by a licensed veterinarian.
  • User assumes all risk for proper use and disposal of Tricide-Neo®.
  • In opening and mixing this product, user agrees to hold manufacturer harmless for any and all improper use or handling of Tricide-Neo®.
  • Tricide-Neo® is insufficient therapy for fish with systemic infections and is ineffective against fungus or Myxobacterium ssp (tuberculosis).
  • Ammonia levels must be carefully monitored as the dip is quite capable of destroying the beneficial nitrifying bacteria as well as the pathogens - IF the Tricide-Neo® gains entry to the main pond.
  • Individual results may vary depending upon the causes of the ulcers, concomitant disease organisms, and treatment conditions.

Tricide-Neo® can kill fish if they are left in the bath treatment for too long, or you don't understand all of the precautions.

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